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National Business Groups for Women

Guy Talk And The Business Women


Women managers, women business owners and business women must --other 

Sometimes contend with unenlightened attitudes and behavior from male 



You can choose Either to get your dander up Each Time, qui induces stress and 

That hurt you health issues (not the guy) or Figure out how to deal with it Effectively.


That Excludes Business Communication


Women in business  Sometimes find Themselves in the position Where the 

Conversation turns to subjects That exclude her, Such As sports, hunting, etc. Now, 

while not all business women will feel excluded from gold Some'any of thesis subjects, 

Certainly there are times When They do get excluded in male-Dominated 



What choices do you have in contention situations? Clearly, it depends on the situation. If 

you are traveling with colleagues and They get into a big debate about Tiger 

Woods and you couldn't care less, fine, zone out and re-enter the conversation 

When It's more interesting to you.


HOWEVER, if the conversation is Taking up over dinner at a  restaurant with customers 

and you want to be safe as customers jump with you as well, you will need to 

make different choices.


For one, ask your golf-loving colleagues to steer clear of Eighteenth hole stories. 

But, Be Prepared for an alternative strategy, Especially if your customer is big HAS 

Tiger Woods fan. The business woman's Most useful tools in this position are 

USA Today and The Wall Street Journal. Review em before dinner 

with your client. Then, you will Be Prepared to make a sports-related how, 

draw the customer's care to you, allow him or her to expand, Then change the 

subject. This strategy allows you to enter the conversation Rather than Being 

excluded Then  re-direct .


Business Communication That Offends


Even in the face of discrimination laws and potential lawsuits for Inappropriate 

conduite and language, some people persist in making offensive jokes or prejudicial 

comments. Women business owners can find this aussi difficulty to handle Because 

They are afraid of losing the customer or prospect.


Purpose all women in business year are in great position to Improve the business 

positive environment by Taking Action When faced with an offensive situation.


If you are present at a business meeting or When someone Makes offensive 

prejudicial comments, just do this. Say, in a matter-of-fact non-judgmental goal 

Manner, "Hey, folks, we all know this line of talk is not Appropriate and HAS 

nothing to do with the business at hand so let's move on. "Then proceed On Some 

Developed with the discussion at hand by drawing --other people into the conversation. 

You have taken Several shares at the time Sami.


You have the Established comments are not  tolerated .

By using "we", you-have included everyone in your statement.

Redirected You have the debate and taken the spotlight off the offensive remarks (s) Giving everyone an easy opportunity to move on.

Warned You have the offender without subjecting him or her to overt criticism or discomfort.

ALTHOUGH it May take fortitude, any woman can use this business strategy, whether 

she is leading the meeting or simply participating. Most people will be grateful That 

someone Has the grace and style to handle the position so well.


Realize Some people are just plain ignorant


When men make remarks That are offensive or get off On That-have conversations 

nothing to do with business, it's Realize Their problem, not yours.


The kind of people That  women in business  want to deal with are the smart, 

enlightened ones. But not every male colleague, customer or prospect is smart and 

enlightened. You getting upset about it is not going to change That.


The best way to handle is dumb remarks Realize They Are What They are and move on. UNLESS SPECIFICALLY the guy is trying to get your goat (that Does Happen 

Sometimes) you-have no real need to pay Any Attention to _him_.


If he is try try trying to stir you up, you can simply look at _him_ Calmly and say "Please stop. 

You are making yourself look foolish and wasting our time When We Could Be 

figuring out a way to .... (whatever you're try try trying to do) "And Then Quickly move to 

discussing the topic at hand. He'll Most Likely begin to feel like a fool and back off.


You can take control of the situation. Either choose to ignore em, call Calmly 

em on it and move on 'em or fire. You'll find your life is more stress free and 

more productive When You Become the person with the real power.


Roxanne is managing partner of WomenCorp year international women's leadership development company That Provides experiential learning programs for women Who want to Succeed in business and life.


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